Our Services


As a property owner or manager, you can entrust your parking to an operator that thoroughly understands customer service, operates on a foundation of solid management practices and tight revenue control.

You have the confidence of knowing that your parking facility is managed by a team dedicated to great service and personalized hospitality. You can also be sure that your revenue is secure with our effective cash handling and accounting procedures.

Our deliverables include the following:

  • Hospitality-trained and uniformed professionals with a passion for service
  • Clean, safe and well-run facilities
  • Assurance that all revenues are accounted, audited and deposited
  • A hands-on approach to controlling expenses with an eye on the bottom line

Make Revenue By Turning Your Disused Land Into Car Parks.

If you have land waiting to be developed, we can partner to help you generate revenue from it.

We provide simple, legal and ethical systems to help manage your car parks efficiently. Generally, space is at a premium and needs to be managed effectively to ensure the right people use the sites, emergency vehicles are not obstructed and those with specific needs to park conveniently can do so.

We can also assist in maximizing revenue where you have an opportunity to implement a pay and display or pay on foot parking facility. If at your car parks, People can park everywhere and anyhow, valued customers can't find a space, Security of cars and valuables is a major concern; all you need is to enforce organized parking gently with Paks Solutions.

The benefits to you are:

  • You make continuous revenue from your land
  • Alleviates security and parking problems
  • Enhanced parking systems for residents and visitors
  • A simple and efficient revenue generating parking scheme with low impact enforcement


Upon mutual understanding, Paks will come and survey your site, in the process; we shall also identify requirements for permits, system requirements and architecture, e.t.c.

We will provide an implementation plan and options for staffing subject to planning permission and any major civil works that may be required.

Our pricing structure is flexible to suit your requirements and can include investment for capital expenditure. There are options for management fees, transaction fees or revenue share or elements of each.

Kick off timing is subject to a location requiring electronic payment systems for which there is a 7 week lead time, otherwise a location can be up and running within 2 weeks of securing your consent.